We help improve the lives of handicapped people by assisting with medical care, medicines, physiotherapy and surgical operations. We provide wheelchairs and other physical aids, and adapt facilities for use by people with disabilities. 

We transport disabled children to and from school and help disabled people become more independent by selling and promoting handicrafts that they make.

We also work to increase community awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

Some of Our Projects and Activities

  • Built a center which has a school and workshop where handicapped people can learn, meet, live, work, and sell their products.  Many handicapped people have some skills but are disadvantaged because of lack of mobility and being far away from the tourist areas of the island. The center provides a school and a focus for the activities of the Foundation.
  • We have obtained a large number of wheelchairs that have been given to handicapped people. Some of these wheelchairs are from Merdeka Wheelchairs in Jakarta and some were brought from friends of the Foundation. This has been transforming for people like Ketut, a young woman of 22, who had seen a wheelchair, and had never, in her entire life, left her house.
  • Constructed a new kitchen and a dining room at the Tresna Asih boarding school for handicapped children located in Bangli. This was done with funds donated by the City Council of Llodio (Alava), Spain.
  • Supplied school materials for handicapped children in Bangli and Gianyar with funds from the City Council of Vitoria (Alava), Spain. 
  • Organized meetings with handicapped people in order to find out their needs and promote the activities of the Foundation.   
  • Presented the Foundation at a community service fair at Bali International School. 
  • Assisted with the first Asia-Pacific conference on Tourism for Handicapped people, held in Bali.  
  • Finished a field study in the district of Bangli, going to villages, visiting, talking to handicapped people, finding out their needs and requirements and documenting the reality in which they live.   
  • Supplied the handicapped people in the district of Bangli with the necessary materials for their work (machines, tools, etc.).   
  • Supplied school materials for children at a school for handicapped children in Klung Klung with a fund from the City Council of Alava, Spain. 
  • Organized exhibitions in Ubud and Nusa Dua of handicrafts made by artists with disabilities. 
  • Sponsored a surgical operation for a child who was in need of a colostomy for five years. 
  • Sponsored a physiotherapist for two months to work with two children with disabilities in Gianyar

Future goals

  • Finish a field study in the districts of Bangli and Gianyar as a basis for further outreach work.
  • Organize community awareness campaigns.
  • Open an information office.
  • Adapt the houses of more handicapped people to make them more accessible and provide more handicapped accessible toilets in the homes of the handicapped people.
  • Promote the products of disabled workers and open new markets (print catalogues, create new designs and websites).
  • Purchase a vehicle to reduce the economic and social isolation of people with disabilities.
  • Train two handicapped people in website design so that they can sell their products over the web and maintain the Foundation website.
  • Expand cooperation with Merdeka Wheelchairs in Jakarta for the supply of wheelchairs to Bali.
  • Develop special programs that address the needs of women with disabilities.
  • Set up a shop in order to sell the handicrafts made by our clients with disabilities.
  • Set up a physiotherapy center to assist the handicapped and educate them on the importance of moving and exercise.
  • Set up courses for caregivers to learn how to care for people with disabilities.
  • Set up an small workshop to make wheelchairs.