The team

Like most under-funded volunteer organizations, the Kupu-Kupu Foundation depends on the hard work of a few dedicated people.  These are the people that are the heart and soul of Kupu-Kupu.

Begonia Lopez
Begonia is from Spain and 62 years old.  She is a social worker and she loves to work with people.  She has been doing social work almost all her life and in many different fields: working with children with disabilities, people with psychiatric problems,  women with breast cancer, running a school for women for 8 years, and looking after elderly people in geriatric hospitals.  She lived for five years in Edinburgh where she worked  in nursing homes looking after elderly people and patients with multiple sclerosis.  In 1998, while living in Scotland she traveled to Asia and first came to Bali.  It was then that she fell in love with Bali, their people and their culture.  

Begonia loves traveling, playing with children, talking to friends, walking in the rice fields, going to the villages and spending time talking to the people with disabilities and their families.

Nieves Aleman
Nieves is an old friend of Begonia who lives in Vitoria, Spain.  Since 2002 she has been the main contact between the Foundation and the Spanish support and fund raising group in Vitoria.  She is very enthusiastic and full of ideas.

Agung Putradhyana
Agung is Chairman of the Board of Kupu-Kupu Foundation, which was formerly known as LSM Kupu-Kupu Bali.  Agung is an architect who designed and managed the building of the kitchen school for handicapped people located in Bangli.  Since then he has remained involved with the Foundation.  In addition to helping the handicapped, also Agung loves to work on environmental issues.