Disability in Bali

What it means to have a disability in Indonesia

There is little awareness in Indonesia for the special needs of the disabled. Wheelchair ramps and van lifts are non-existent and almost no disabled person has access to special mobility equipment like wheelchairs. There is no accommodation for handicapped children in schools and almost half of disabled children never go to school at all. Tragically, most disabled people usually never go outside.

Handicapped children and adults are not seen as normal people who have the same needs as everybody else - to be mobile, to get education, to meet friends, to socialise, to get married, to engage in sports, travel, get a job, etc. Most resign themselves to their fate of being the invisible and unwanted people.

Needs of people with disabilities in Indonesia

  • Medical care for disabilities and complications
  • Wheelchairs and other physical aids - many have never seen a wheelchair
  • Facilities that are more accessible for disabled people
  • Increased awareness in the local community of the problems of disabled people
  • Education - almost half of all disabled people never go to school. They need to learn to read and write
  • Mobility to expand their lives - many disabled people have never left their homes their entire lives
  • Disabled people need to become more independent through job training and support.

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