Put a smile on a student’s face and donate today. Help us to provide school facilities and other services to people with disabilities in Gianyar and Bangli Districts, Bali.

Kupu-Kupu Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and we do not receive any local government funding for our work in communities here. Please give as much or as little as you can. 

Donate via Paypal

Please email us with the date and value of your donation or contact us for an alternative way to donate. We can not accept foreign cheques as they are expensive and difficult to deposit.

Email Begonia at Kupu-Kupu Foundation.

Donate equipment

Wheelchairs and other mobility equipment are needed for people with disabilities in Bali. Please do not post your items as these will be costly and difficult for us to collect.

Email Begonia to donate equipment.

Sponsor a student

Sponsoring a person with disabilities at Kupu-Kupu is an effective and rewarding way to help make a real and lasting difference to a person with disabilities in Bali, Indonesia.

Email Begonia to enquire about our Guardian Angel programme.

Foreign donations should be via bank wire transfer to the following account:

Bank Negara Indonesia
Jalan Raya
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali

for the account of:
Begonia Lopez Exposito

Account number: 0048836154

Please email us with the date and amount of the transfer so that we may make sure that it arrives.

Local donations can be deposited in the above account.  Please advise us of the date and amount.

Donations from Spain can be deposited in:

Name of the Bank;   Caja Laboral de Vitoria 
Branch and address;   Calle Portal de Arriaga
Name of the account:   ONG Kupu-Kupu, niños de Bali
Person;   Begonia Lopez
Number of the account;   3035-0167101670014207
IBAN # ES64 3035 0167 1016 7001 4207
(Account in euros) 
City; Vitoria (Alava)

Please do not send foreign checks to Bali as they are expensive and difficult to deposit.

If you are thinking about donating wheelchairs, equipment or supplies, please contact us before sending anything.  Custom duties are sometimes higher then the value of the item and bringing items into the country can sometimes be difficult.  

Your donations go directly towards:

  • Assisting with medical care by providing medicines, physiotherapy and surgical operations
  • Providing wheelchairs and other physical aids.
  • Adapting facilities to make them more handicapped friendly.
  • Increasing the awareness of the local community about the problems of the handicapped.
  • Getting handicapped children in school by providing the necessary support that they need.
  • Helping the handicapped to become more independent through job training and support.  This primary is done through selling and promoting handicrafts that they make.

If you are interested in making a donation that will go to help a specific needy individual, please read about our “Guardian Angel” sponsorship program