Guardian angel

We have a sponsorship program called “Guardian Angel” which gives donors the chance to donate money to a specific needy person.

Each sponsorship is different and is tailored to the needs of the recipient.

Our first sponsored client is Wayan Sayan. If you become Wayan’s Guardian Angel this is how you will help him:

  • Put Wayan in school – tuition, fees, books, etc.
  • Arrange and pay for daily transportation to school.
  • Buy him books and educational toys to stimulate his growing mind.
  • Buy milk for him.
  • Arrange and pay for a physiotherapist to work with him.
  • Build a wheelchair ramp into his house.

In addition to just knowing that you are helping this needy boy, we will send you quarterly email with a progress report and pictures.  We will also post these reports on a special page on this website, so that others can share the positive experiences brought about by your generous donation.

A one year Guardian Angel for Wayan costs just US$350.  If you are interested, please email us.