Here are examples of the fine works of art made by our clients.  Their art is made with the same tradition and craftsmanship that has made the works of Bali famous throughout the world. 

Please contact us if you wish to purchase any of these pieces for yourself or for resale and distribution.  Our artists can also make custom pieces to your liking.  

By making a purchase, you help a handicapped person achieve independence and self-respect in a way that nothing else can.


Made Sutempo from Kintamani.  Upper left, a hand painted egg.  Upper right, oil painting portrait.  Below, the artist with several of his oil paintings.
An oil painting of the Balinese God Saraswati (the God of Knowledge) (left) and an “Barong”, (a lion character seen in many traditional Balinese plays) (right), by Putu Suriati.
Small wood carvings of mythical characters by Ketut Sri.
Wood carvings by Wayan Purnawan.